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We are dissecting the different effects of ADHD from the perspective of the Life Cycle 
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ADHD has always been a part of your life, and it will continue to be an integral one. You can't escape from its grasp no matter where you go or what stage in the cycle may present itself at any given moment; each new challenge requires attention and focus if we want our lives with this disorder managed successfully!

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Worried that you have ADHD?

Let's take 3 minutes to do a simple ADHD self-assessment!
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You can receive ADHD expertise

on our platform every week.

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ADHDer Live 
in Facebook

Amanda Fok, Founder of Let's Talk ADHD,

Go online at 10:00 pm every Monday to chat with all ADHDs!

On the road to treating ADHD,

Amanda can be said to have blood and tears,

pain before seeking medical treatment, helplessness when seeking medical treatment, and relief after treatment. The history of seeking medical treatment, blood and tears, is directly shared with you without reservation!!!

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Learn ADHD easily

We use our mother language (Chinese) to share the more professional ADHD knowledge with you. 

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ADHDer is calling!
Lectures, workshops, parties big and small!

"You were never alone."


I hope to let you know about Hong Kong and even the Chinese region,

despite the lack of information on ADHD,

but it does not mean that the number of ADHDers is small.

Let's get together!

Let's warm each other up in this society.
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ADHD makes them successful

ADHD is a blessing of ability.

Maxima also needs a Bole to treat ADHD in the right way,

Your achievements must be extraordinary.

We look forward to breaking Chinese social taboos and raising awareness of ADHD,

In the future, I will be able to see Chinese faces on the ADHD celebrity list,

Will it be you next?
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Ranker "80 Famous People with ADHD":

Healthline "9 Celebrities with ADHD":

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Center of Maryland "Famous People with ADHD":

HADD Support Group "Scott Kelly was a kid with ADHD and bleak prospects. Then he read a book, now he's a record-setting astronaut!": -adhd-and-bleak-prospects-then-he-read-book-now-hes-record-setting

​Founder's words

     In fact, I am a past person. I have always been affected by ADHD in the past. Many things happen in my life and I don’t understand the reasons.


     More than 10 years ago, I learned about ADHD, and then I was diagnosed. I felt very happy. It turned out to be a disease, not my own problem. Received two treatments, the first time was just unsuccessful drug treatment, just dealing with mood disorders, ADHD situation did not improve significantly. Now the second treatment, because together with behavioral therapy, the situation has improved a lot.


     I am grateful that I have a little ability, plus I have a religious background, and I want to serve the disadvantaged group of ADHD, so this Let's Talk ADHD was born.

     Hong Kong's support in this area still needs to catch up, because many of the latest information is in English, and in recent years, there have been more discussions, but they are all biased towards children. Because some ADHDers will suffer a lot of setbacks in the workplace. Hope they know that ADHDers will perform well in different work environments by doing what they specialize in.

     We hope that by visiting the success stories of different ADHDers, we can encourage more people to accept ADHD and understand that ADHDers are best treated positively and actively. Because ADHD is highly heritable, it can also help different families at the same time.

--- Huo Cailing Amanda

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