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Live in November 2019

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04 Nov, 2019

How to Improve Social Sensitivity

ADHDers are not very good at socializing,

You may be too impulsive to control your emotions.

Saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing,

It is inevitable that people will retreat three points.

ADHDer should improve themselves,

What about increasing social sensitivity?

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25 Nov, 2019

Dedicated to work?
I thought like this when I was studying👨🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓,
But real work is so boring.

Not only is the work performance poor 📉,
"Part-time job" mentality,

Make the world black and white😖.

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11  Nov,  2019

ADHD Calm down

Too many things to be angry with.
The things that make you angry must be the majority in your life,
Not the unhappiness of life,

It's you who remember the things worth being angry about.
or easier to see.

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18 Nov, 2019

​ADHD positive thinking

to be calm,
To see things around you more clearly.
In the face of difficulties or things that you are not interested in,
use positive thinking,
to encourage yourself,
Solve problems one step at a time, all the time.

Live October 2019

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07 Oct, 2019

ADHD Relationships

ADHDers are not very good at socializing,

May be too impulsive to say the wrong thing,

Scared the people around you.


What exactly should ADHDer do?

How about communicating with people more effectively?

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14 Oct,  2019

I don't know when everyone works normally,
Will it wander involuntarily?


I'm always like this too,
But it's actually quite valuable.
Because I am engaged in the creative industry,
Often when the wandering soul comes back, he brings back a lot of interesting ideas.

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28 Oct, 2019

​ADHDer's Internet Addiction

With the help of the Internet,
Phones can be a distraction.

And the artifact of creating anxiety 😅.

What Amanda wants to talk about,

This is the "root of all evil",
Network ~ ~ ~!

Live September 2019

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02 Sep, 2019

With ADHDer colleagues/subordinates

way of getting along

If we encounter some colleagues or subordinates with ADHD at work, how can we help or what should we pay attention to?

So this episode we decided to respond to the audience's request,
Come and discuss how to get along with an ADHDer co-worker or subordinate.

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23 Sep, 2019

​ADHDer's Love Life

Although he/she is more

are more accepting of you, loving you and tolerant of you,
But it takes 24hrs to receive ADHDer's emotions,
No matter how close people are, there will always be a moment of explosion...

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09 Sep,  2019

ADHD diet

"You are what you eat."

Although dietary habits will not cure ADHD,

But in order to have better and stronger performance,

The subtle "chemical effects" that occur in the diet,

We ADHDers should also pay attention!

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30 Sep, 2019

Bullying Issues for ADHDers

Did you encounter bullying during your school days?
Didn't the parties also watch it?

ADHDer some unusual behaviors,
Even in class, it is easy to be distracted by the teacher's accusation,
May be used as a malicious joke by classmates.

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16 Sep, 2019

In fact, life is not necessarily only the big events

deserves your attention,
Often the smallest details that stick to the ground

But it's annoying.

tiny and annoying,

There are many things that seem harmless but affect the rhythm of life.
Let's talk about inhibitions today!

Live August 2019

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12 Aug, 2019

The common problem of urbanites - procrastination habit I

Bringing you different practical tips for tackling procrastination

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19 Aug 2019

The common problem of urbanites - procrastination habit II

​Continuing the unfinished tips for solving procrastination in the last episode

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26 Aug, 2019

Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

What is behavioral therapy?
In an ADHDer interaction, Amanda found that,
It turns out that many ADHEDer friends do not know behavioral therapy.

Live July 2019

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8 July, 2019


​Let me tell you about my ADHD experience

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29 July, 2019

How ADHD affects work status

In this episode, we will discuss ADHDer in

Challenges at work

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17 July, 2019

ADHD and others

Mood Illness Links

Discuss with everyone ADHDer will

troubled by those emotions

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22 July, 2019

How ADHD affects daily life 

How ADHDer affects life in daily life

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