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Attention Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder

English full name

Attention Deficit /  Hyperactivity Disorder

also known as

ADHD or 

"Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"

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Nerves in the brain and associated disorders.

Is a

Brain disorders are related to abnormal brain activity compared to the general population, particularly in several important regions of the brain responsible for executive function, such as the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, and cerebellum.

Mainly affects the brain

ability to concentrate

ability to suppress impulses

​executive ability

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Mainly affects the brain

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Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 1.40.22 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 1.50.42 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 1.40.46 AM.png

Concentration ability

​Executive ability



ADHD Categories

There are three types of symptoms

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Synthetic Category

(Combined Presentation)

Attention deficit, hyperactivity, and impulsivity problems are evident


(Predominantly Inattentive Presentation)

Attention deficit problems are more pronounced than impulsive and hyperactive problems

Hyperactive and impulsive

(Predominantly Hyperactive / Impulsive Presentation)

Hyperactivity and impulsivity problems are more pronounced than attention deficit problems

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Screenshot 2019-08-17 at 5.23.02 PM.png
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Daily life

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​ ADHD symptoms 

for life

different categories possible

have a negative impact

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Interpersonal relationship





Causes of ADHD


At present, the cause of ADHD cannot be determined , but it may be related to genetics, premature birth, low birth weight, lead poisoning, encephalitis, epilepsy, brain trauma, abnormal metabolism, etc., the interaction of environmental, social and other factors may also lead to opportunities.

Comorbidities of ADHD

Adult with ADHD may develop varying degrees of emotional and psychiatric disorders, known as "comorbidity" problems, such as anxiety disorders, depression, and various addictive behaviors .

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