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Ms. Nina Hoven

- CEO of the Finish ADHD Association

- President of ADHD Europe


Nina Hovén is the Executive Director for the ADHD Finland located in Vantaa, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Oulu. She is an occupational therapist,she has been studying also marketing and selling. Her last degree is Master of Health Promotion. Nina has been working in this organization nearly 11 years. These11 years in ADHD Organization in Finland has been successful. The organization has strengthened its position thru this 11 year in the Finnish society a lot.

Earlier Nina has been working some years with elderly people, several years with child protection and she has also a long experience of human resource management and rehabilitation.

Nina thinks that it´s very import to raise awareness and better understanding of adhd. One good way to do this is to create places where we share information and support health professionals and public service who work with adhd people. Better understanding and management of adhd also improve quality of life. Together we make the change!

Nina is married and has 3 children and 6 grandchildren.


Providing Support and Guidance for the ADHD Community Across Various Dimensions

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