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     In response to the 10 American ADHD Awareness Months each year, Let's Talk ADHD will hold the 2nd Hong Kong ADHD Awareness Week in conjunction with the Hong Kong Epilepsy Association from October 24th to 30th, 2021. This year's theme is "Live from a New Perspective of ADHD". This year, 24 guests, including ADHD scholars, institutions and organizations from the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland and Hong Kong, as well as people from ADHD, were invited to hold 22 online seminars and seminars. Interactive workshops to help raise awareness of ADHD among ADHD patients, industry experts and the general public, and to understand the latest developments in the international treatment of ADHD.


     The topics of the webinars and interactive workshops cover a variety of challenges in the lives of adults and women with ADHD, including work, medical care, employment, emotional and family relationships, and more. It is hoped that through this week of attention, we can discover and reach undiscovered patients in the society, and advocate to face up to physical and mental health and overcome difficulties in the workplace, social life and life.





Echoing yearly's USA ADHD Awareness Month, Let's Talk ADHD and HKEA are going to organize the “ADHD Awareness Week” for the second time between 24 and 31 October 2021. This year's “ADHD Awareness Week” theme is “New Ways of Thinking about ADHD. ” We will partner with 24 ADHD professionals, specialists, and ADHDers from the EU, UK, US, Canada, Ireland, and Hong Kong. They will conduct 22 webinars and interactive workshops to raise awareness of ADHD among ADHDers, different professionals, experts, and the general public and the latest international developments of ADHD treatments.  


The webinars and interactive workshops will cover different challenges facing adult and female ADHDers, including work and employment, medical treatment, and family relationships. Through Awareness Week, we wish to meet undiagnosed ADHDers and help all ADHDers develop physical and mental resilience, thus overcoming challenges arising from work, social and daily life. 

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