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ADHD​@Workplace Workshop

This is Hong Kong's first online seminar on the relationship between ADHD and the workplace. Its primary aim is to assist companies in leveraging the talents of individuals with ADHD and provide strategies for creating ADHD-friendly, efficient, and profitable work environments.

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We are introducing the first Hong Kong-based online workshop dedicated to exploring the connection between ADHD and the professional sphere. This digital seminar has been meticulously crafted for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to elevate their enterprises and for organizations aspiring to distinguish themselves in the talent landscape through exceptional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.


The primary objective of this workshop is to empower companies to harness the unique abilities of individuals with ADHD while offering valuable strategies for cultivating ADHD-accommodating, productive, and lucrative work environments.


(This workshop is suitable for both online and in-person attendance)

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