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​About us

Let's Talk ADHD is a social network platform established by professionals and passionate individuals.

Let's Talk ADHD provides educational training for adults with ADHD to work and live successfully everyday life. They also provide a comprehensive ADHD awareness platform online, workplace awareness programs for adults with ADHD education and support programs they develop their talent with the proper backing and encouragement.

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ADHD is not an independent illness but a behavioural characteristic that affects your entire life. 
Facing challenging obstacles at every stage of your life, Let's Talk ADHD provides precise and focused help, attention, and support.

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our beliefs

We believe that with appropriate support and encouragement, individuals with ADHD can care for themselves while utilizing their natural talents to excel, even making significant contributions to society.

Our mission

Bring brilliance and warmth to life 

Support and encourage individuals with ADHD, their families, friends, or employers in different ways, inspiring transformation in their lives.

Our work

Share experiences

By sharing experiences from individuals who have overcome ADHD and different experts, we help individuals with ADHD to rebuild their confidence and life direction, enabling them to integrate successfully into the community and contribute to society. 

Assist the public in understanding and accepting children and adults with ADHD through accurate information to establish a harmonious society.

Everyone has unique strengths

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A Commitment to a Specific Positive Social Impact

At Let’s Talk ADHD, we are dedicated to fostering a society where the unique challenges and strengths of neurodiverse individuals are recognized and embraced. Our mission centers on increasing public awareness and understanding of ADHD, advocating for effective support systems, and empowering individuals with ADHD to lead fulfilling lives.


Through comprehensive outreach, education, and community-building efforts, we strive to dismantle the stigmas surrounding ADHD and mental health. By promoting research, sharing knowledge, and advocating for inclusive practices, we aim to enhance the quality of life for those affected and contribute positively to the broader social fabric.

A Commitment to Serve a Target Beneficiary Group in Need

Let’s Talk ADHD is committed to serving individuals and families impacted by ADHD, particularly those who lack access to information and support services. Recognizing the often-overlooked struggles of adults with ADHD, our initiatives are tailored to address their specific needs, providing tools and resources that support both personal and professional growth.


Our community programs, support groups, and educational materials are designed to reach a broad audience, including those in underserved areas. By focusing on this target group, we help bridge the gap in services, ensuring that those affected by ADHD receive the support, understanding, and opportunities they deserve.

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Ms. Amanda Fok

  • First to get  ISO 9001:2008 and B  Corp Business emcee and founder of speech training company

  • The First Hong Kong Emcee of Ceremonies Champion

  • MSc in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Robert Gordon University, UK


Ms. Mike Leung
Chief Editor/ADHDer

  • Former Part-time Business reporter at Hong Kong Ming Pao  

  • Former Video Editor and Website Editor at Hong Kong Economic Journal 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Christian Counseling, Bethel Seminary

Expert Consultant


​Dr. Eunice Won

  • Founder of Focus Plus Promotion Association

  • American pediatrician

  • ADHDer for adults


Dr. Hui Lung Kit

  • Psychiatrist

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists


Mr. Davis Lok

  • Registered Occupational


  • cognitive behavioral therapist

  • Associate Academician of Brainwave Feedback Training

Thanks to our partners

We appreciate the support from various organizations that enables us to spread awareness about ADHD to more people.

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