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Ms. Chantel Fouche

Chantel Fouche女士擁有多年財務管理及行政工作經驗,曾在法國從商5年。她為非牟利組織ADHD Europe的發展作出貢獻,並繼續為ADHD Europe的目標提供支持。她是ADHD Europe的ADHD Awareness and Communications工作組的成員。

自2017年以來, Chantel擔任ADHD,ASC & LD Belgium的秘書長,這是一個為ADHD患者、父母、老師及其家人的比利時ADHD倡導團體。該團體為ADHD和許多神經系統疾病提供支持和教育,並在布魯塞爾積極為患者發聲,通過各種活動宣傳有關ADHD的知識。Chantel於2019年在世界大腦日 (WBD) 上,首次以患者身份發言講解ADHD,團體並在2020年的世界大腦日,舉辦以大腦和心理健康為重點的活動,獲得多個歐洲組織認可。Chantel期望為ADHD Europe在歐洲議會和歐盟內部進行專業的遊說工作。

Chantel目前致力工作於ADHD和女性項目,該項目由ADHS(Deutschland) 與ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium合作,並獲得歐洲神經學協會聯盟的資助。


For the position of the Treasurer, Ms Chantel Fouche has professional experience with debtors, creditors, budgets and following through with administrative tasks related to the role. She has 14 year’s high level executive administration experience, and was a business owner in France for five years. She has contributed to the growth of ADHD Europe and shall continue to offer support to the Executive board for ADHD Europe’s aims & objectives. She is a member of the ADHD Awareness and Communications working groups for ADHD Europe.

Since 2017, She is the Secretary General of ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium, one of ADHD advocacy groups for people with ADHD, parents, teachers and their families in Belgium. They provide support, and education for ADHD and many neurodiverse conditions. They are actively involved in advocating for the patient’s voice at the European capital of Europe in Brussels with various awareness and activity events for the dissemination of knowledge about ADHD. She gave her first patient testimonial on World Brain Day (WBD) on 22 July 2019 talking about ADHD. They organised WBD in partnership with EFNA, and the European Brain Council. For WBD on 22 July 2020, their organisation hosted the event focusing on brain and mental health, with many endorsements from organisations on European level. She looks forward to working with the Board to help professionalise lobbying for ADHD Europe at European Parliament and within the EU.

She is currently actively working on the ADHD and Women project. This project between ADHS (Deutschland) and ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium was awarded a grant by the European Federation of Neurological Associations.

She is a mother of two boys, of which her oldest, was diagnosed in 2007 with ADHD in South Africa where diagnosis, treatment and educational support knowledge contributes to the advocacy and awareness efforts that is much needed for ADHD in Europe.

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