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Mr. Stanley Chan

陳鑑忠先生為本地註冊的教育心理學家及豐富經驗的靜觀導師,先後完成靜觀認知治療導師退修訓練,以及靜觀認知治療督導工作坊。陳先生現為香港中文大學敬霆靜觀研究與培訓中心研究與培訓團隊,正進行靜觀與 ADHD 兒童家庭的研究。

Stanley Chan is a registered Educational Psychologist and an experienced mindfulness teacher. He has successively completed the retreat training for mindfulness cognitive therapy tutors and the supervision workshop of mindfulness cognitive therapy. He is the Member of Research and Training Team of the CUHK Thomas Jing Centre for Mindfulness Research and Training. He is conducting research on mindfulness and families with ADHD children.

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