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Mr. Loïc André


Oliver James (OJ) 總部位於倫敦,成立目標是協助求職者配對最適合的工作。大多OJ的客戶來自金融、保險及資訊科技界。

為推廣「多元及公融」,OJ 成立OJAbility,目的是鼓勵商界聘用殘疾的專業人士。OJ 相信商界可以透過聘用不同人材,獲得效益,包括更投入工作的員工及更高的市場知名度,從而吸引更多顧客。同一時間,殘疾的專業人士有更多機會獲得有報酬的工作機會。

作為OJ的「多元、平等及公融」工作主管,Loic Andre 經常向客戶陳述聘用有殘疾的專業人士為機構帶來的商業益處。Andre先生來自比利時,自2021年7月起負責OJ的「多元、平等及公融」工作。

Headquartered in London, Oliver James (OJ) aims to match professionals with the right positions. Most OJ clients come from the financial, insurance, and information technology sectors.

As a part of its diversity and inclusion initiative, OJ implements OJAbility. Its purpose is to encourage businesses to tap into the talent pool of professionals with disabilities. OJ believes that businesses can benefit from a diverse talent pool. Benefits for businesses include a high level of staff engagement and a better reputation in the market, thus attracting more customers. Likewise, professionals with disabilities have more access to gainful job opportunities.

As OJ’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader, Mr. Loic Andre is passionate about presenting a business case to OJ’s clients for hiring professionals with disabilities. Originally from Belgium, Mr. Andre has overseen OJ’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives since July 2021.

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