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Mr. Ken Kilbride

Ken Kilbride先生是非牟利機構ADHD Ireland的行政總裁,曾在愛爾蘭各大、小型的非營利組織擔當高級管理職位擁有超過20年經驗。他在ADHD Ireland的角色是製定董事會的願景和戰略,引用《星空奇遇記》艦長占士·提庇留·卻克(James T Kirk)的說話:「將這個ADHD組織帶到未曾出現過ADHD組織的地方!」

Ken Kilbride is the CEO at ADHD Ireland, he has over 20 years experience in senior management positions in a wide range of both very large and very small not for profit organisations in Ireland. His role with ADHD Ireland is to enact the vision and strategy of the Board, and in the words of Captain James T Kirk take this ADHD organisation to where no ADHD organisation has ever been before!

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