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Dr. Eunice Wong 王玉珍醫生

王玉珍醫生是美國加州執照兒科醫生,香港大學社區精神醫學文憑。 一九八零年初王醫生在美國紐約哥倫比亞大學唸心理輔導碩士,在紐約曼哈頓為青少年及傷殘人士作心理輔導。 其後在美國華盛頓州佐治華盛頓大學唸醫學博士四年。 畢業後在加州受訓,並考取美國兒科執照文憑。


王醫生是專注力促進會創會主席、美國兒童發展及行為科(BDP)學會會員、美國兒科學會會員及香港兒科學會公共醫療教育副會長。 目前王醫生在香港執業,以看兒科、兒童行為成長問題為主,其中尤以專注力不足、過度活躍症心得為最。

Dr Eunice Wong is a licensed pediatrician in California and has a diploma in community Psychological Medicine from University of Hong Kong. In the early 1980s, she studied for a master's degree in Counselling Psychology at Columbia University and had worked in the field of counseling psychology under the supervision of a psychiatrist in Manhattan of New York City. She attended the School of Medicine George Washington University in Washington DC for 4 years. After graduation, she was trained in California and obtained the American Pediatrics License Diploma.

Dr. Wong went to Hong Kong in 1993 and has been active in public health education. She conducts paediatric education in hospitals, schools and family churches, also keeps going to Europe and America for meetings, and learns and exchanges experiences from doctors and professionals in the field of child development and behavior, psychopharmacology in Europe and the United States.

She is the Founder and the Chairperson of ADHD Foundation, a member of Society of Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics of the United States, a fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics and the Vice Chairperson of Public Health Education Committee of Hong Kong Pediatric Society. Currently, Dr. Wong is practicing in Hong Kong, focusing on pediatrics and children's behavioral growth problems, especially focusing on attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

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