Duane Gordon

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)・President・Canada

杜安•戈登(Duane Gordon)在加拿大蒙特利爾居住。 他於1984年與琳達•沃克(Linda Walker)結婚,育有兩女兒,其中一女兒患有ADHD。杜安(Duane)在女兒診斷後自己亦被確診為成人 ADHD患者。

       杜安(Duane)在建立成人 ADHD 關注方面努力不懈,並在 ADHD 群組中不遺餘力地倡導歷20多年。他於2005年加入 ADDA 的傳訊團隊,並為團隊仗義編撰,整理編輯團隊的時事通訊。 2011年,Duane加入ADDA董事會並擔任傳訊委員會主席。 ADDA董事會於2016年成功推選他成為主席。

Duane Gordon makes his home in Montreal, Canada. He married Linda Walker in 1984 and is the father of two daughters, one of whom has ADHD. Duane was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult following his own daughter’s diagnosis.

Duane is tireless in building awareness of adult ADHD and has been an advocate in the ADHD community for more than 20 years. He joined ADDA’s Communication team in 2005. He volunteered as a writer, and later edited the newsletter. In 2011, Duane joined the ADDA Board as Chair of the Communication Committee. The ADDA Board elected him president in 2016.

Duane Gordon