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From an ADHD Perspective: Unlocking the Potential Within ADHD

Date: 22 Oct 2023 (SUN)

Time: 4:00PM (GMT+8)

Mode: In-person

Primary Language: Cantonese

The live lecture does not have subtitles

No advance sign-up is required, simply attend on-site.

Venue:Zone A, 1/F, Podium Food Square, Lok Fu Place

Target participants:

Adults with ADHD, Children with ADHD, Parents, ADHD Experts, SENCOs, ESG/SDG/D&I/Sustainability Practitioners

#ADHD, #Success, #Inner, #Potential, #Experienced

In line with our theme, "ADHD: navigating success", both speakers will share personal stories and experiences, revealing the potential within ADHD. This webinar promises to offer a fresh perspective on ADHD, providing practical strategies for success.

Ms. Chan will take us through her personal journey with ADHD, discussing how she came to understand and accept it, and its impact on her life and career. She will share how she tackled the challenges of ADHD, especially during high-pressure situations like performances. As a professional English tutor, she will reveal how ADHD has shaped her teaching style and interactions with students, and the strategies she has adopted to overcome potential difficulties.

Mr. Alex Sum will share his experiences as a successful Kickstarter creator and developer of productivity tools, and how ADHD has influenced his problem-solving and inventing processes. He will walk us through his journey of transforming an idea into a reality, leading to the sale of over 800,000 units of his patented reusable magnetic Post-its across multiple countries. Mr. Sum will also discuss how he has leveraged his ADHD diagnosis as an advantage in his professional life and provide practical advice for those striving to view their diagnosis as a strength rather than a limitation.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain insights directly from those who have harnessed ADHD to their advantage. Secure your spot and join us in this enlightening conversation!


Mr. Alex Sum

Ms. Joey Chan

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