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Advances in Objective Diagnosis of ADHD in Adults and Clinical Translation

Date: 28 Oct 2023 (SAT)

Time: 3:00PM (GMT+8)

Mode: Online

Primary Language: Cantonese

Subtitles available in both Chinese and English

Advance registration is required

Target participants:

ADHD Experts, SENCOs, Parents, Adults with ADHD, Caregivers of friends with ADHD, Children with ADHD, Teachers, Social Workers, SEN Practitioners

#ADHD, #Singapore, #Evaluation, #Latest, #Research

Get a comprehensive understanding of the cutting-edge diagnostic process developed by the National University of Singapore's Institute for Health Innovation and Technology (iHealthtech).

We will delve into the innovative combination of infrared brain scan, eye-tracker test, and continuous performance test, offering a more scientific and objective diagnosis of Adult ADHD. Hear from Professor Roger Ho, principal investigator at iHealthtech, who will provide invaluable insights into the challenges of ADHD diagnosis and the necessity for objective diagnostic tools.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn about the revolutionary advancements in ADHD diagnostics, which are reshaping the future of psychiatric diagnoses. Whether you are a healthcare professional, an individual with ADHD, or an interested public member, don't miss this chance to gain insights into these pioneering methods. Secure your spot today and be part of the change in ADHD management!


Prof. Roger Ho

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